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Content Creation — Best Practices

Last Updated: Apr 04, 2016 03:49PM CDT
Ask open-ended questions about users' opinions on current events and trending topics. Do your best to provide questions that are thought-provoking and drive the user to want to both vote and comment. Whenever possible, make the SquareOff relate to the other content on the page.
Sample question types:
Debatable decisions
Was Fred Hoiberg a great hire for the Bulls head coach? True vs. False
Should corporate donations to political campaigns be more restricted? Definitely vs. Leave It Be
Will the United States Men’s Soccer Team win the World Cup? Yes or No
Does Hillary Clinton have a shot at the 2016 presidency? Yes or No
Perceived Value
Is the #Yahoo stock price too high? Absolutely vs. Not a Chance
Is Alex Rodriguez overpaid or underpaid? Overpaid vs. Underpaid
Would you rather?
If you were the Cavs, who would you rather have healthy? Kyrie Irving vs. Kevin Love
Which would you rather see fixed first? Immigration vs. Health Care
Have fun
Who do you think is a better cook? Charles Barkley or Shaquille O’Neal
Who would you rather have as a roommate? R2D2 or Chewbacca
Spice it up once in a while — change a simple “Yes vs. No” to “Absolutely! vs. No way!”
If your sides may be a little vague, or your SquareOff is on a topic so new that your audience may not know much about it, you may want to add some background information, like relevant statistics, to help your users make their decisions.
Adding an image is also a great way to increase interaction — after all, people are visual.
For “evergreen” topics that will be relevant for quite a while, set the duration for six months to one year. These topics are popular in the lifestyle category. They also tend to have great SEO, or search engine optimization, and will receive votes and comments months after it's published.
For prediction SquareOffs, which are popular in the sports category, keep in mind it will not make sense to have a SquareOff run past the date of the event being discussed. If an applicable duration is not an option, you can set an exact end date/time by editing the SquareOff in the admin section.
Include relevant images whenever possible. Keep in mind not to infringe on copyright law, and cite your image source when appropriate. The image file size must be less than 1 MB.
Other Use Cases
Use SquareOffs for A/B testing with your audience:
Would you like to see more posts about SEO or Social Media?
Do you like this product vs. that product?
Do you like this book title vs. that book title?
Use SquareOffs for sales lead generation:
Do you use the 5 keys to successful marketing?
Does your company struggle with executing social media?
Do you see your company using this method of marketing?

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