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FAQs - Managing Your SquareOffs

Last Updated: Jun 01, 2017 02:52PM CDT

Comment moderation is easy to manage in the admin section of your SquareOffs account. You can see all comments, approved comments, and pending comments. Pre-determined settings can send any potentially inappropriate comments to a pending queue, which admins can approve or disapprove.

Blacklists allow you to set words which automatically flag comments as inappropriate. Curse word blacklists are automatically added to every account, and you can customize with hot button phrases, etc. that are specific to your brand.

SquareOffs allows you, the publisher, to own the conversation. If someone is derailing the conversation, and not making relevant contributions, you have the power to remove said comment. In addition, social monitoring will allow other users to flag comments as inappropriate, so comments are moved to a pending queue to be approved or disapproved by the publisher.

If a SquareOff is doing particularly well, and the time period is coming to an end, simply navigate to the edit SquareOff screen in admin to extend the SquareOff duration to last longer.

If your SquareOff has no votes yet, you can edit directly from the profile screen of your account. If it has already been distributed, and you need to make changes, navigate to your SquareOffs list in Admin to edit specific details.

Click the statistics button on an individual SquareOff or group. From the statistics screen you can see individual URLs with page views on the right side.

Each account is provided with statistics metrics listed below. Enterprise clients can choose further insights such as demographics. Total Page Views, # of Page Views Interacted With % of Page Views Interacted With Avg Time on Page when Interaction Occurs Avg Time on Page when Interaction Does Not Occur Additional Time on Page When Interaction Occurs Clicks into Side 1 Clicks into Side 2 Facebook Shares New Readers from Facebook Shares Twitter Shares New Readers from Twitter Shares Total Shares Total New Readers

Total vote and comment counts are displayed right on the SquareOff. Vote count will display on the top right of the SquareOff, and comment count displays per side, as well as the summary card of wide groups.

If your SquareOff is only published within a group, navigate to Groups in admin, and check the stats of the group the SquareOff is displayed.

If you have any worries about user comments harming your brand, it may be useful to implement active comment moderation. This would require someone on your team to manually approve or disapprove each comment posted to your SquareOff. You can also set more specific blacklists, and social flagging to 1 flag, to keep a close eye without having to approve each comment individually.

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