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Creating a SquareOff

Creating a SquareOff is a straightforward and easy process. In just a few minutes, your SquareOff can be live.

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Creating a great SquareOff poll is easy and more engaging than your typical survey or quiz ...

Follow the steps below to create a SquareOff:

  1. Make sure you're logged into SquareOffs.

  2. Click the + icon in the header bar.  

  3. Follow the form to put in your question & answers. Questions are limited to 100 characters and each answer is limited to 40. See here for content tips & tricks.  

  4. If your answers need more explanation, add a defense. Feel free to include stats, links, or other info to provide background for each side.  

  5. Set a time period for your SquareOff. Choose a time appropriate for the question, with an end date to report a clear "winner." For evergreen topics, there's no need to put an end date. For timely topics, like sports and politics, questions won't make sense past a certain point in time, so be sure to add an end date.

  6. Don't forget to add a cover photo or video to catch your audience's attention!

You're done! Now you can share your SquareOff with friends so they can join the conversation.  

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