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Sharing SquareOffs on Social Media
Sharing SquareOffs on Social Media

Now that you've successfully published your SquareOff, it's time to share with your social media followers!

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Sharing back to

If you'd like to create a social share that sends people back to your question on (not your website), use the following share. After you create a SquareOff, we show you a confirmation message. You can then select between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sharing an Embedded SquareOff

If you're a website owner and looking to drive traffic back to the page on your website where your SquareOff is embedded, be sure to use the following share method.

All embed sizes can be shared. Simply go to the page where your SquareOff is embedded and open the share window by clicking on the share icon in the bottom right of the SquareOff footer.

The Share Button

The Share Window

Once you select a platform to share your SquareOff, the application opens a new window. Along with the auto-populated text from the question and answers, you can include your own share comment. The share also includes a link back to the page where the SquareOff is embedded as well as a preview of the cover photo or your profile picture.
The following image shows an example of sharing a SquareOff to Facebook. If you'd like to share back to a particular page that you manage, be sure to select that option at the top and choose the page to which you would like to share.

Sharing your SquareOffs to social media is one of the best ways to drive continued audience growth and engagement. Be sure to include sharing to social as a regular habit when creating your SquareOffs.

If you're a website owner, SquareOffs embeds work very well to collect opinion and increase engagement on your site.

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