Editing a SquareOff

How do I edit a SquareOff that I created? Like this ...

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When creating your SquareOff, did you misspell something, forget to add background info, forget an end date, or don't like the way your cover photo looks? Never fear. You can edit your newly created SquareOff until it receives its first vote.

On your profile, scroll down to the SquareOff you'd like to edit, click on the ellipsis icon in the bottom right, and then click on "Edit SquareOff."ย 

Once a SquareOff receives a vote, editing the SquareOff is no longer permitted to protect the integrity of the votes.

For example, if editing a SquareOff was not locked after voting, the creator could later change the answers, misrepresenting voter choices. At SquareOffs, we like happy voters, so this is for their protection.

Speaking of happy voters, here are some tips on creating your SquareOffs ...

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