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Can a SquareOff be displayed in more than one location?
Can a SquareOff be displayed in more than one location?

How you can show SquareOffs in multiple locations ...

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Yes, you can place the same SquareOff in multiple locations. This is always helpful as SquareOffs become more interesting as the activity snowballs. For example, a question with 3,000 votes and 75 comments is a lot more interesting and will keep each new reader on site longer than a question with 200 votes and 5 comments.

Including the question in multiple articles is super easy. After creating a SquareOff, just paste the same code below wherever you'd like. Example:

We also provide the polls page Feeds option to act as an archive for all questions that have been created. 

Example - creates one question per day for a top article. This same question is displayed within that article, featured on the home page (using a small Feeds embed), and on the polls page (using a large Feeds embed).

(The "soid" in the url is simply included in social shares, etc. to load that particular SquareOff first for the reader.)

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