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Why does SquareOffs use social sign-in?
Why aren’t my stats showing on a particular SquareOff?
How can I see total votes and comments?
What stats do I get with my SquareOffs?
How do I see which page people are interacting with most?
Can I extend the time period of a SquareOff?
What if readers start trolling my comment section?
What are blacklists?
How do I monitor comments?
Why would I buy a sponsored SquareOff?
How does revenue share work?
How can publishers make money with SquareOffs?
Who should the questions be “asked by”?
One of my writers wants to ask a question - how do I change the “asked by”?
How can I make SquareOffs match my brand?
How do I share on social media?
How do I get people to vote and comment on my SquareOff?
How do I embed a feed on my website?
What is auto-publish and why would I use this feature?
What are feeds and why would I use them?
Where do I put a feed?
Why use a feed?
What’s a feed?
How do I publish multiple SquareOffs in one place?
How do I publish a SquareOff on multiple pages?
Where should I publish the SquareOff?
How do I embed a SquareOff on my website?
What should I do after I create the SquareOff?
How long should I set the duration of a SquareOff?
What’s a defense?
What questions should I ask on my SquareOff?
What does it mean to “Own the Conversation”?
How long does it take to create a SquareOff and get it on your website?
What plans are available?
Do you have to be a developer to use SquareOffs?
Can SquareOffs drive more traffic to my website?
How are SquareOffs different from any other poll?
Do readers have to comment?
Who can comment on a SquareOff?
Who can vote on a SquareOff?
Why use SquareOffs?
Where should publishers place SquareOffs on a website?
Who can use SquareOffs?
Where do SquareOffs live?
Do you offer Single Sign-on?
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FAQ - What problem do you solve?
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Can a SquareOff be displayed in more than one location?
Can a SquareOff have more than two possible answers?
Do cookies need to be allowed in the browser to participate in a SquareOff?