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SquareOffs Wordpress Plugin - Error - Email Address Has Changed
SquareOffs Wordpress Plugin - Error - Email Address Has Changed

Did you change your email address and how you're locked out? Here's how to fix it ...

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Recently, we noticed that if you change your email address inside of SquareOffs, but are still signed into your account on the Wordpress Plugin, the Wordpress Plugin will still attempt to authenticate to your account using your previous email address. You'll know if you see errors like the ones below ...

... on your SquareOffs Settings page

... or when attempting to create a SquareOff

We'll be fixing this, but in the meantime, here is a solution:

  1. Go to, change your "Email" back to your previous email address, and click "Update." This will allow the Wordpress Plugin to function correctly again.

  2. Return to your Wordpress site, click on SquareOffs Settings in the navigation, and then click on the "Disconnect" button towards the bottom of the screen. Don't worry. All of your SquareOffs and data will be saved.

3. Head back to again and change your "Email" to the new email address that you would like to use.

4. Return to your Wordpress site once again, go to the SquareOffs Settings page, and authenticate using your new email address.

You're back in business!ย 

We hope this helped. Please contact us with any questions and enjoy the SquareOffs Wordpress Plugin.


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