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Using Photos, Videos, and Links with Your SquareOff
Using Photos, Videos, and Links with Your SquareOff

Here's what SquareOff cover photos are and how to use them ...

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The cover photo is used, like many other social media photos, as a banner image on the top of a SquareOff. The cover photo (or video thumbnail) is also shown in SquareOff previews on places such as polls pages.


SquareOff cover photos are currently saved at a 16:9 aspect ratio.

When creating your SquareOff, you're given tools to zoom, shrink, rotate, and drag to best position your image.

Where they are displayed

 on wide groups (Polls Pages), so they will immediately draw readers towards questions they may be interested in.



Summary Card

Video SquareOffs

Add incredible interaction, provide context, and set up the topic with the use of video. Videos up to 500MB and 3 minutes are allowed.


Include links to promote merchandise, tickets, digital products, sportsbooks, or simply a related article. Hit the mark with links that convert.

Need to go back and change something on your SquareOff? Misspell something?

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