With the average user going through 6+ SquareOffs per visit on Polls Pages, you'll definitely want to drive traffic to this highly engaging page. 

Once you've created a Polls Page on your site using the large Feeds embed, set yourself up for success by following these steps to promote it.


These steps should have been done when creating your polls page, but you may want to run them by your marketing team:

1) Give your new page a name. Feel free to call it: Polls, Opinion, Your Voice, SquareOffs, etc.

2) Include a header and/or paragraph at the top of the page telling users to interact. Examples: 



Launch & Promotion

3) Add a link in your navigation to the new page. Your audience wants to share their opinions — show them where to interact!

4) Embed the SquareOffs promotion widget. This "fix it and forget it" solution will promote the three most recent SquareOffs in your feed. It's a great fit in areas where you feature content on your page template, the right rail, home page, and/or below articles. See the Promotion tab of your Feed for more information.

5) Create an article introducing SquareOffs to your users. Here's a great example from KTVZ in Bend, OR: https://ktvz.com/news/2018/08/09/ktvz-com-enhancements-more-livestreams-better-polls/

6) Regularly share your SquareOffs out to social media using the "external share." Ask your social media coordinator to share out your SquareOffs just as they would an article. This share icon is located on the bottom right of each SquareOff. Be sure to share from the page that your embed is on (your new Polls page), as the traffic will be sent back to this page. 

Simply click on the link and the share will be autogenerated and ready to send. Twitter example:

7) Regularly include your SquareOffs in your e-newsletter. Because including iframes in email is generally not recommended, we recommend taking a quick screenshot of your featured SquareOff and including that in your newsletter with a link back to the Polls Page. It also doesn't hurt to mention the results of previous SquareOffs or top comments to get readers involved.

8) Call out your "Audience Question of the Day" on the broadcast:

For a recap of the enterprise implementation of SquareOffs see:

Let us know if you have any other tips that we should add. Have fun driving traffic and gaining new readers!

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