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How to create a Poll Page on your site using SquareOffs Feeds

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NOTE - Feeds is an advanced publisher embed feature. Please contact SquareOffs Support if you would like access. For a complete rundown of our enterprise publisher checklist, see: SquareOffs - Enterprise Implementation

1) Give your new page a name. Feel free to call it: Polls, Opinion, Your Voice, SquareOffs, etc.

2) Create a new page on your site 

... such as: [yoursite.com]/polls

You'll want to use a fairly empty template, as the embed will take up the entire page.

3) Add the Feeds embed code

When using SquareOffs Feeds, embed code only needs to be placed on your site once. The SquareOffs content in your Feed will then update dynamically without the need for additional copying and pasting of code.

In the SquareOffs.com navigation, click on Feeds, create or click on your Feed, click on the "Embed" tab, and finally click on "COPY" to copy the embed code.

Your new page will be mobile friendly. However, make sure that the div containing your embed code has a width greater than 1322px on desktop for optimal viewability.

4) Include a header and/or paragraph at the top of the page telling users to interact. Examples: 

5) Update your ads.txt file

Once your SquareOffs account is enabled for monetization, either in Settings or by your account manager, you must add the SquareOffs publisher id code to your ads.txt file for our ads to remain compliant. If this code is not in place, your ads may not fill (for more information about ads.txt, see: https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt/).

Please contact your SquareOffs account manager or support for the latest information to include in your ads.txt file.

Done with these steps? Let's learn how to power your Polls Page using SquareOffs Feeds ...

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