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The recipe for success with SquareOffs on your enterprise level site

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Below is the recommended recipe for high traffic websites looking to make the most of SquareOffs. Every site is different, so feel free to contact our support team regarding technical questions and recommendations.

SquareOffs Publisher Benefits

Before we get started, make sure you know why we do what we do:

Recommended Placements

We've tried SquareOffs out in all different shapes, sizes, and parts of webpages. Here are the placements that we've found work best.

Developer Checklist

Embed the Polls Page

Learn how to create your Polls Page below. This highly interactive page will feature SquareOffs you choose to include and will act as an archive, enabling the average reader to go through 5+ pages of SquareOffs per visit. Once the Polls Page is in place, SquareOffs that you create (for articles and other content) will automatically publish here by default, saving you time and effort.

The same SquareOffs Feeds embed code used on the Polls Page can be used to display a "Featured Poll" or "Question of the Day" on your homepage, right rail, etc. Similar to the Polls Page, once the embed code is in place, there is no need to copy-and-paste code each time you create a new question. This placement can automatically publish your most recent or featured SquareOff.

Add SquareOffs to Ads.txt

To include the SquareOffs Ad Network, you'll need to include the SquareOffs Publisher ID in your ads.txt file.

OPTIONAL - Using WordPress and/or XenForo?

Here's how to easily add SquareOffs to your posts:

Content Creation

When creating your SquareOffs, use these tips for ideas and maximum audience interaction.

Making the most of Feeds ...

Determine your routine

Your readers will begin to expect and look forward to SquareOffs. Create a routine such as:

  • Adding one SquareOffs article per day or week

  • Adding one SquareOff inline in an article per day or per post

These new SquareOffs will then autopublish to your Polls Page and other Feeds placement (Homepage, etc), making life easy.

Launch & Promotion



At times, it may make sense to feature content from other sources in your Polls Page. You can accomplish this with Subscriptions when using SquareOffs Feeds

For example, you want to feature various writers or child accounts within your organization.

For large publishers, it may make sense to have 2/3 of the Polls Page questions being created by a national parent level account, while 1/3 of the questions are created by each local site/station. This saves each child site time and allows national level SquareOffs to snowball with all of the votes and comments being generated as they are shown across the network.


Let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help!

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