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Use Feeds to create a new section on your website, such as a Polls Page, that features a series of many SquareOffs.

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(NOTE - Feeds is an advanced publisher embed feature. Please contact SquareOffs Support if you would like access. For a complete rundown of our enterprise publisher checklist, see: SquareOffs - Enterprise Implementation)

SquareOffs can be embedded on your website one-at-a-time in places like articles. You can also use Feeds to create a new section on your website, such as a Polls Page or "Featured Poll" placement. Feeds will feature a series of many SquareOffs, which are dynamically published as they are created. This generates additional page views and revenue for you, while engaging your audience.

NOTE: If you do not see a link to Feeds in your navigation, please upgrade your account or contact Support to access this functionality.

To get started with Feeds, go to the Feeds link in the navigation. Choose a name for your feed, click "Create Feed", and you will see the list of SquareOffs currently in your feed. 

At this point, you will now have access to the following features in the Feed tabs:


Search, sort, publish, or schedule SquareOffs within your feed on any of the following sub tabs in the Content tab:

  • All - See all SquareOffs available for your Feed, whether they are Published, Scheduled, or Unpublished.

  • Published - See only published (live) SquareOffs. If needed, use the Published tab to change the order in which your SquareOffs appear in the feed. For example, if you'd like to feature a SquareOff at the top of a Feed, you can simply move it to the top using the arrows or by typing "1" into the number slot within the "Sort" column on the left.

Scheduled - see only scheduled SquareOffs. 

Pro Tip - Save time by creating multiple SquareOffs at once and then scheduling them to publish throughout the week.

  • Unpublished - see only unpublished SquareOffs. This is typically SquareOffs you've not yet published or ones that you've chosen not to include in the feed for some reason.


Access your embed code and see a live preview of what your Feed will look like. When embedding a feed on your website, the code only needs to be placed once. Going forward, the SquareOffs published in your feed will update dynamically within your embed.


See how your Feed embed is performing in the Stats tab once you've embedded it on a page. View many useful stats, such as:

  1. Page views 

  2. Page views with interactions 

  3. Average time on page 

  4. Twitter and Facebook shares

  5. Page views per URL where the SquareOff is embedded

  6. And some more


Subscribe to other SquareOffs accounts to include their SquareOffs to your feed. This is a great way to include additional content on your site that you don't have to spend the time creating.


This tab will provide you access to a Promotional Widget, which can be embedded in your page templates, to send traffic to your Polls Page.

Easily customize the Promotional Widget by changing the header title, header color, and the URL to your Polls Page. The promotional widget comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium and Wide. The Small size is a great fit for home pages and right rails. The Medium and Wide work well under articles, with the Medium being 550px width and the Wide being 100% width.

 Select your desired size and see a live preview.


On the settings page you will be able to change the name of your feed or delete it. There are also some useful configurations you can change: 

  1. Publish new SquareOffs to this feed automatically: If you enable all the new SquareOffs from your account and the accounts you are subscribed, will be published automatically to your feed. 

  2. Display cover photo: Hide the cover photo if needed 

  3. Refresh ads: This option enable to refresh the ads after the user select a new SquareOff, this will allows you to get more revenue.

With the average user going through 7+ questions per session on a Polls Page using SquareOffs Feeds is a huge win for most sites. You'll definitely want to promote your Polls Page. Here's how ...

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