The SquareOffs Feeds embed code can be used to easily display a "Question of the Day" on your homepage, right rail, etc. Once in place, there is no need to copy-and-paste code each time you create a new question. This placement can autopublish your most recent or featured SquareOff, similar to the Polls Page

Below are examples of the different ways to implement this solution and show you how to manually update the code to meet the needs of your site. 

Sample code:

<iframe width="300" height="362" frameborder="0" class="squareoffs-group-large" id="embed_square_off_4773" scrolling="no" src=""></iframe>

  • Update of the width and height in your Feeds code to accomplish this implementation.

Live code example:

SquareOff + Promo Widget (w/ header)

Located in the Feeds "Promotion" tab, the Promo Widget will link to other SquareOffs.

Featured Question on the Home Page:

<iframe id="embed_square_off_4697" src="//" width="300" height="362" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"> </iframe>

Recent Questions Widget (directly below the unit above):

<iframe id="summary-card" src="" width="300" height="250" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Live code example (with 10px of spacing between):

SquareOff + Promo Widget (w/out header)

<div style="position:relative;" >
<iframe id="embed_square_off_4697" src="//" width="300" height="362" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="display:block;position:absolute;z-index:1"> </iframe>
<iframe id="summary-card" src="" width="300" height="230" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" style="position:absolute; top:327px;display:block;"></iframe>

Live code example:

SquareOffs + Promo Widget That Stays on Page (no Polls Page)

<iframe frameborder="0" height="600" class="squareoffs-group-large" id="embed_square_off_4107" scrolling="no" src="" width="300"></iframe>

Live Code Example:

For a recap of the enterprise implementation of SquareOffs see:

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