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SquareOffs increase engagement when embedded in-line within an article. Craft the question to align with article content and encourage readers to share their opinion.

  • 41% more comments when compared with standard comment platforms.
  • Average of 13 seconds added to time on page when interaction occurs.

Click on the <> icon next to any of the SquareOffs on your profile page if you'd like to access the embed code for articles. 

Wordpress users, make adding SquareOffs to your articles super simple with the SquareOffs Wordpress Plugin. This plugin will enable a "Create SquareOff" button in your Wordpress content editor, so that you can quickly create your SquareOff and include it in a post without ever leaving Wordpress.

SquareOffs Article

Save time, energy, and effort by quickly posting a question as the article and letting the audience finish the story. Generate quick, bite-sized content in this 24/7 news cycle in far less time than it would take to create a typical post.

Include text like “POLL:”, "YOUR TAKE:", "OPINION:", or "SQUAREOFF:" at the start of the headline to urge your readers to participate. A quick lead-in sentence or paragraph is helpful to set the stage, place the "Wide" SquareOff embed code, and you're ready to publish.

Polls Page

This highly interactive page will feature SquareOffs you choose to include and will act as an archive of all the SquareOffs published in the past, giving readers a place where they can be immersed in the SquareOffs experience. Once the Polls Page is in place, SquareOffs that you create (for articles and other content) will automatically publish here by default, saving you time and effort.

  • 15x ad click-through rate (1.75% CTR, compared to industry avg of 0.12%)
  • 5+ pages per session (2.5x industry average)

Learn how to add SquareOffs to a Polls Page feed here

"Featured Poll" Placement

The SquareOffs Feeds embed code can be used to easily display a "Featured Poll" or "Question of the Day" on your homepage, right rail, etc. Once in place, there is no need to copy-and-paste code each time you create a new question. This placement can autopublish your most recent or featured SquareOff, similar to the Polls Page

See: How to add a Featured Poll Placement

Promotional Widget

This widget is available for every SquareOffs feed, and it updates automatically, making promotion easy and effective. This "fix it and forget it" solution will promote the three most recent SquareOffs in your feed and works well with the "Featured Poll" above it. The widget can be placed on any of your pages to promote your most recent SquareOffs.

 It's a great fit in areas where you feature content on your page template, the right rail, home page, and/or below articles. See the Promotion tab of your Feed for more information.


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